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Hunting in Europe

For more than 70 years, distinguished outfitter JAGD STIEDL has been offering bespoke hunting and touring trips throughout Europe.  With unique care, our customized programs are designed to meet the exact specifications and interests of our guests while consistently exceeding expectations both in and out of the field.

JAGD STIEDL guests not only enjoy Europe’s most exclusive hunting experiences, but are also treated to personal VIP hosting, luxury accommodations, gourmet cuisine and fine regional wines.  Most of our visitors combine their hunts with private JAGD STIEDL touring in world-renowned cities like Budapest, Vienna and Prague.

Choose from a number of year-round hunting opportunities.  From late October through early February, guests can easily add big game hunting to Europe’s best bird shooting and touring programs.  Popular big game hunting options during this time include driven wild boar, native red stag, mouflon and fallow deer.  Bird hunting enthusiasts can combine red-legged partridge shooting in Portugal and Spain with the pheasant and duck shooting programs of Eastern Europe.  Springtime hunts include roe deer and the elusive capercaillie.  Inquire for full list of available species and hunting seasons.

European Big Game Hunting & Wingshooting at its Finest


Isten Hozott

All things considered, the hunting in Hungary is arguably the most renowned in all of Europe.  In addition to trophy-level and record-level big game hunting, the driven pheasant, flighted duck and upland hunting are absolutely unbeatable.  Over the decades, JAGD STIEDL has come to own, operate and manage the country’s premier hunting properties and shooting estates.  Easily add touring in Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava and Prague to your hunt in Hungary.

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In 1950, JAGD STIEDL was founded in Vienna, Austria.  Today, more than 70  years later, Vienna remains our European headquarters.  We hunt extensively in the picturesque Austrian Alps and in the lush forests found throughout the country.  JAGD STIEDL hunters have access to Austria’s best free-range areas and top private estates.  Combine big game hunting  in Austria with bird hunting in the neighboring countries of Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

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Czech Republic


Heavily influenced by the Habsburg Empire, the hunting culture in the Czech Republic took shape over hundreds of years.  Though there’s no shortage of big game opportunities in Czech – including mouflon, stag, boar and more – these days the country is perhaps best known for its incredible high-volume driven pheasant shooting.  The most exclusive hunting estates in the Czech Republic can be reached by an easy two-hour drive from either Prague or Vienna.

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In 1993, Slovakia split from Soviet-era Czechoslovakia, becoming an independent nation.  Soon after, the country’s bountiful hunting areas became accessible to international sportsmen.  Although JAGD STIEDL had special permission to hunt in Slovakia during the Soviet rule, our Slovakian hunting outfit has expanded since Slovakia’s independence.  As it is with the Czech Republic, Slovakia is more often admired for its bird hunting than its big game hunting.

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The Spanish ibex might be one of Europe’s most sought-after trophies, but the ibex represents only the beginning of what Spain offers hunters.  Rivaled only by neighboring Portugal, Spain has Europe’s healthiest population of red-legged partridge – one the most sporting and challenging birds to hunt in the world.  Additional game options include wild boar, roe deer, red stag, fallow deer, mouflon, the Cantabrian chamois and Pyrenean chamois.

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Our one-of-a kind Portuguese hunting estate is easy to reach, but hard to leave.  Just two and a half hours driving from Lisbon (or 45 minutes by private helicopter charter), JAGD STIEDL hunters enjoy Portugal’s best driven red-legged partridge shooting and wonderful big game hunting while staying at our luxurious 5-star hunting lodge.  Combine your hunting in Portugal with hunting in Spain – Ask about JAGD STIEDL’s Exclusive Iberian Collective Hunt.

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Dobre Doshul

On and off through the years, Bulgaria has shown up atop the record books for native-game red stag.  The record-level red stag might be Bulgaria’s top draw for hunters, but the list of available game is quite extensive – including wild boar, mouflon, fallow deer, barbary sheep, ibex, thar, Balkan chamois and even capercaillie. Predators (fox, wolf, jackal and wildcat) are hunted throughout the year.


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Bun Venit

The Carpathian Mountains stretch through the heart of Transylvania.  These mountains are home to Europe’s densest population of giant brown bears.  The brown bear numbers have grown steadily over the last two decades, and for the last several years the Romanian government has exclusively issued JAGD STIEDL a limited number of bear permits for our hunters. NEWS – bear hunting in Romania has been temporarily suspended.

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United Kingdom


Hunting in the UK with JAGD STIEDL means hunting the great historic estates of England, Scotland and Wales.  From the classic driven pheasant, grouse and partridge shooting to pigeon and wild woodcock shooting, our hunters can expect nothing but the highest quality birds and presentations.  Other available game includes red stag, fallow deer, sika, roe deer, Chinese water deer, muntjac, fox and rabbit.

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Switzerland is sometimes called “The Land of Milk and Honey.”  For hunters, it’s the “Land of Trophy Alpine Ibex.”  Along with Austria, Switzerland offers Europe’s finest Alps hunting.  Switzerland, however, strictly limits the number of hunting permits issued  to foreigners.  JAGD STIEDL is one of the few outfitters able to secure Swiss hunting permits for visitors.  Booking far in advance is highly recommended.

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Global / Africa


JAGD STIEDL has been running elite African safaris since the 1950’s.  Much has changed over the years, but Africa remains one of the world’s quintessential hunting destinations. From dangerous game to plains game to extraordinary bird shooting, JAGD STIEDL GLOBAL offers customizable hunting programs in Tanzania, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa.  Ask about our multi-country luxury train safaris.

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Global / S. America


Argentina’s reputation as the world’s ultimate wingshooting destination is well deserved. Ultra high-volume dove hunting can be enjoyed year-round.  Decoyed pigeon shooting is available between April and late October.  Ducks and perdiz (partridge) become part of the mix from May through early August. With nearly 20 species available throughout the year, the big game hunting in Argentina is just as impressive.

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